Primrose Hill Community Project is a limited company with charitable status incorporating a day nursery and Children’s Centre. The project was formed by staff at Primrose Hill Community School (now Ark Rose Academy) to promote the sense of community and to encourage adult learning and development through support and training to improve outcomes for local families. Over time, the project has evolved to include the founding of a neighbourhood nursery for the local community and to incorporate the Children’s Centre.

The Children’s Centre function was designated in March 2007 and has been growing steadily since then. We offer high quality childcare and education integrated with family support, health advice and other vital community services. In April 2012 the Children’s Centre model was changed to a Locality model, whereby Centre’s are now working together to provide services across a wider region. The idea is to have a network of service provision across the Locality to ensure that child and family services are more integrated and accessible. Kings Norton Locality includes us, Wychall, Kings Norton Camp Lane and Reameadow Children’s Centre’s. Allen’s Croft Children’s Centre is currently working in the Druids Heath area as part of a Service Level Agreement.

Our highly motivated and friendly staff have a broad and diverse range of knowledge plus an abundance of experience in the local area. We pride ourselves on our inclusive approach and the high standard of childcare, family education and community support that we provide. We are rapidly expanding our client base and our aim is to help every person in our reach area by being at the heart of the community.

As a Children’s Centre, a major part of our work is offering support to families. This ranges from general day-to-day communication, one-to-one emotional support and family activities, to signposting to health services and professionals. We have a dedicated, supportive and caring team covering a wide range of expertise and have excellent links with local health professionals and vital family services which allows us to offer a comprehensive service for children and families in need.

At the heart of the organisation is an ethos to help the community flourish through encouraging everyone to contribute and be the best they can be. Whether this is through training, childcare, attending groups or simply being community minded, the goal is to raise aspirations, improve quality of life and contribute to a safe, friendly and vibrant community. Whilst this is a challenge it is one that we feel is at the heart of all organisations such as ours and that any contribution, no matter how small, can make a big difference.

The project has been subjected to changes over recent years. In particular, we have had to restructure the organisation and streamline our services, whilst forging new partnerships as part of the locality model. The organisation has an active board of Trustees who have been key in helping us define the direction that we want to take in order to achieve success for the community. The staff have responded to a challenging period with their usual commitment to the project. As a management team, we feel it is important to thank all the trustees and staff for supporting and helping us through these times and can look forward to the future success of the organisation.

It is also important to thank the community, volunteers and all our partners for their support and dedication, without which we would not have achieved the successes we have had. We are very grateful for the continued support of Birmingham City Council in helping us deliver the aims of the Children’s Centre function and also for their further involvement with the sustainability of the project.